الخميس، 9 أغسطس 2012

a common vision rather than a logo change.

Its not hard to notice – after spending 3 years in Telaviv/Jaffa – that most of the people who are supposed to be leftists are mislead by the artificial colonialist "urban" bubble, where the only view they see behind the window is Telaviv's unreal skyscrapers rather than the whole picture of all the Palestenian villages ruined in 1948.
This misunderstanding leads into a struggle in which fighting the symptoms of this occupation becomes the at the top of priorities instead of fighting the occupation itself, where most of the revolutionary resources are directed to the wrong place, either by fighting local struggles with the municipality and the Israeli Zionist stream, or by transmitting the struggle to the 67 borders.
While I was surfing the internet, I've noticed recently a petition calling to Telaviv's municipality to changeits logo so it'll include Arabic. I do not doubt the credibility of the people organizing the petition, and I know that we are fighting the same fight, however the tools differ. I will try to explain my point of view toward this struggle tactic and explain why I think it harms the struggle rather than developing it.
The Artificial "urban" colonialist bubble described above gives us the feeling that we are citizens who are not equal, and therefore we should fight for Justice within the civil struggle, asking the Zionist institution to change its strategy toward Palestinians rather than imposing the change.  The oppressed was never liberated throughout history by asking for his rights politely from the oppressor, on the contrary, in most of the cases freedom was imposed on the oppressor.
The civilized speech doesn't make the Palestinians citizens because after all in the most basic laws of this state Israel is defined to be the Jews country, asking the Zionist institution for equal civil rights will only legitimize it, covers its nakedness and make us forget the real struggle we are fighting for.
Furthermore, fighting the symptoms will not eliminate the fact that Palestinians are still occupied in their lands,  changing the municipalities logo or fighting for the Palestinians civil rights in telaviv will cancel the fact the millions of refugees are still holding their keys waiting to come back to their homes, it will not eliminate the fact that the Sheikh Muannes cemetery in Ramat Aviv is being destroyed by the Zionist capitalistic gods and of course  the high poverty rate among the Palestenians.
However, the history tough us one thing and it is that if the oppressed struggles with the oppressor in a rivalry conflict he will always win, in our particular case, the history taught us that through 1976's land day, and the second intifada the so called 48 Palestinians imposed a change on the Zionist occupation policy.
To conclude, I think that the leftist movements – especially in Telaviv's bubble – are to review their struggle, because huge energies are wasted on debating the oppressor which if turned to fight the oppressor it could be more effective and more efficient. I think that the leftist movements are to unite with the Palestinians, first by leaving Telaviv's bubble and visiting all the Palestinian villages (with all the respect, Alaraqeeb and Dahmash are not the only Palestinian cities and villages) and understanding the real situation. And secondly by thinking together for a way structure a way for a real struggle with the oppressor rather than being bolt in the system.


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  1. I think that fighting "the symptoms' of occupation does not come instead of fighting its essence. and it surely doesn't serve the legitimation of the Zionist project. Many times fighting for Arabic in the municipality logo serves mainly by showing and demonstrating how the system works to the people who believe in it. It serves the change of consciousness, and if there are other ways - than hand them over and lets start working.
    The same people who fought against the demolition of Sheikh Mounes cemetery also distributed the petition which calls to change the logo, we fight in various ways, to try and get to as many people and show them where they really live.
    The Jewish state was hardly ever challenged before - it was considered so illegitimate to call against it, that even the parties which declared themselves to be anti Zionist had to say it quietly. Today things are different, it's only the last decade which changed it, so the fight is just forming itself and being first discussed in the Jewish society.
    I think the Jewish left needs no more discourse about this focus and that focus, we talk too much anyways. We need a joint discourse wth Palestinians which focuses on action - what did we try and what is there to try next.
    But if you really want the Jewish partner with you, you know you also have to take it into consideration in your other choices. Hebrew translation, including Jews in your political organization, as equal, not as guilty bitches who should apologize for breathing. Are you willing to do that?

  2. Nizar Blond9/8/12 4:32 ص

    Although I think the article above was deviated from the core point and become too general, but sticking to the main issue - the petition, can be summarized as follows:

    In a nutshell, changing the logo will give the city a background of real co-existence and equality, the first is arguable, thanks to Jaffa's minority, but the second never existed.

    Especially when it comes to a city like Tel Aviv which is known world wide, this kind of act will add to the Zionist campaign of present Tel Aviv as the city of multi-culture, of gays pride and tolerance, of real co-existing, etc...

    Me, as an ultimately unequal person, I don't see any advantage in including Arabic in Tel Aviv's logo. By doing this I will just help my oppressor a good image world wide and justifications against my claims for inequality.

    Considering the last part of your response, when I include Jews to my political organization, of course I want Hebrew translations and a Hebrew logo in parallel with Arabic, and even equal in terms of font size and translation values. The difference is when I add this to my organization, I find it an advantage and even an obligation to do that, because the organization includes people who really believe in equality and partnership, when I support that I intend to show the true image of the organization, I show things AS THEY ARE.
    In contrast to Tel Aviv, I don't want to support their FAKE campaign.


  3. Nizar Blond9/8/12 4:43 ص

    note that I am not the same Nizar, I answered your question as it was aimed at me, and I couldn't revise my response before posting it. and I can't even edit it now (:

    take my response as a personal point of view, not trying to represent anyone.

    Thanks and peace